Monday (I think!)

Well, I don’t usually work Mondays but ended up working today as in my office we can swap with each other when necessary. This is a great perk of the job, the problem is I get completely thrown off all week.  I will be totally confused as to what day it is.

I am very excited, even though I only have a few followers I have had some companies sending me some products to test and review.  I am so grateful for this and the companies understanding that us bloggers all have to start somewhere.  So watch this space 😁 I hope it leads to more exciting ventures and hopefully a few more followers!


Dan TDM on tour 

Just a quick post – we are all getting ready to go to watch Dan TDM on tour.  The boys haven’t got a clue, I am sooooo excited to see their reaction.  I was actually dreaming about it last night and kept waking up! I will be posting a review of the show later/tomorrow, from what I have read so far the boys and I will not be disappointed 🙂

They haven’t got a clue!!