Fixing my broken nail 😢

So we have all been there – grown out our nails to the perfect length,  then for something to catch on a nail splitting it.  I hate it! Usually I relent and cut all my nails down to the the same length as the broken nail.  I have now learnt the art of ‘tea bagging’ 😂 my nails to fix them should they break/split.
I do this with my  Sensationail gel nail kit. I have taken some photos as I fixed one of my nails before coating my nails with holographic nail powder.

My nail at the start

So my middle finger nail split and was catching on EVERYTHING GRRRRR! 

So I cut an unused teabag up and sized up a piece that would fit on my nail and cover the split.

I then applied some primer to my nails.

I applied base coat to my nails.   For the split nail I applied the base, put on the patch then applied over the top too.  You kind of need to play around with it a bit.

I then cured under the LED UV lamp.

Nail with patch

After applying base coat and curing all my right hand nails; I applied no wipe top coat.

After curing the top coat I applied holographic powder to the nails with an eyeshadow applicator.  I dabbed it on then rubbed it on in  a circular motion.

Once I had covered the nails with the powder I applied a top coat and cured.

As you can see my middle nail looks like all the other nails, despite the horrible crack underneath!! 

I was so happy as I didn’t have to cut all my nails down again! And my nail wasn’t getting caught on everything 🙂 
Happy days!