Pick ‘n’ Melt Christmas Gift Set

Today I was very excited to receive a parcel from Pick ‘n’ Melt to review.

As the title suggests I received the standard Christmas set which included – the wax warmer, tea light and 16 bags of melts in 8 different flavours  from their Christmas theme.  The gift set was packaged in a nice striped box and the melts were in a stripy paper bag.  Full instructions are included along with a menu showing a large selection of scents/flavours to choose from.

I have set my warmer up as I type with the ‘snow’ flavour melt in the top (I think this scent smells slightly like CK 1 😍).

The melts are in their own little package with the scent/flavour clearly labelled.  You simply need to empty your choice of melts in the top of the warmer and light the tea light to melt the wax.

My tea light has been burning for about 10 minutes and the scent is slowly starting make its way around the living room. I have been impatiently sniffing at the air to smell it!!

I love the whole Christmas set.  I would throughly recommend buying this as a gift for the people in your life that appreciate nice smells! I feel totally made up for receiving the set and really look forward to trying the different scents/flavours.  

You can buy the sets here for just £12, if you buy 4 sets it works out at £9 per set (buy 3 get 1 free). 

Now I have my pick ‘n’ mix warmer I can keep my house smelling pleasant with my various melts.

When I have run out of melts I may join their subscription service.  It is called the ‘Pick ‘n’ Melt Party’ once subscribed members receive 20 bags of scents a month of their choice plus 2 guest scents chosen by Pick ‘n’ Mix.  Members of the Pick ‘n’ Mix party benefit from exclusive offers and competitions. There is a vast selection of scents/flavours to choose from, check out their website here.
I personally would give this a gift rating if 5/5.