Fixing my broken nail 😢

So we have all been there – grown out our nails to the perfect length,  then for something to catch on a nail splitting it.  I hate it! Usually I relent and cut all my nails down to the the same length as the broken nail.  I have now learnt the art of ‘tea bagging’ 😂 my nails to fix them should they break/split.
I do this with my  Sensationail gel nail kit. I have taken some photos as I fixed one of my nails before coating my nails with holographic nail powder.

My nail at the start

So my middle finger nail split and was catching on EVERYTHING GRRRRR! 

So I cut an unused teabag up and sized up a piece that would fit on my nail and cover the split.

I then applied some primer to my nails.

I applied base coat to my nails.   For the split nail I applied the base, put on the patch then applied over the top too.  You kind of need to play around with it a bit.

I then cured under the LED UV lamp.

Nail with patch

After applying base coat and curing all my right hand nails; I applied no wipe top coat.

After curing the top coat I applied holographic powder to the nails with an eyeshadow applicator.  I dabbed it on then rubbed it on in  a circular motion.

Once I had covered the nails with the powder I applied a top coat and cured.

As you can see my middle nail looks like all the other nails, despite the horrible crack underneath!! 

I was so happy as I didn’t have to cut all my nails down again! And my nail wasn’t getting caught on everything 🙂 
Happy days!


@Butlins Minehead – Christmas Fantasy 

Well I haven’t written a blog post in weeks! It has been a crazy few weeks with end of term madness, early mornings mucking out the pony and the run up to  Christmas 🎄 

Back a few months ago I booked a weekend at Butlins Minehead for the Christmas fantasy.  I booked it through The Sun holiday promotion they do a couple times a year.  We have done this before about 3 years ago. The team do a fantastic job making the holiday park look festive. 

We were last here back in July when we stayed in an apartment (this is where we usually stay) and had the premium food court dining. This time I booked the standard room option and on the online booking chose the half board option. When we arrived to collect our key cards I have to admit I was a little disappointed we hadn’t been upgraded. We usually get upgraded to Silver accommodation due to the fact we visit frequently; Then we realised that the food option we were given was basic – I initially panicked as we are used to the premium food court, so tried to upgrade, however apparently there wasn’t any space.  We went to the Ocean drive food court not knowing what to expect.  I am happy to say the food was fine and there was a good selection, the only main differences I noticed was it has slightly less of a selection of food and the tables and chairs were fairly basic.  The other difference is there is no bar, which doesn’t really affect us as we can just go to a bar after tea.

After tea we went to the skyline tent to have a look around, I t is beautifully lit up.  There was a tribute to Ed Sheeran on stage – he was really good.

My boys spotted a fake ice skating rink in the skyline tent and I think this is what we will be up to today! 

We did a spot of bowling which was great fun.

We then went to Reds to have a drink.

Then had an awful night’s sleep due to the paper thin walls :-/ it is like we are literally in the same room with our neighbors.  When we came to the Christmas fantasy 3 years ago we had our window smashed by someone thumping them.  Well since then we have always made sure we were not ground level.  We are ground level this time and my son is so anxious it is going to happen again that he barely slept last night.  So today maybe an interesting day!! 

Apart from the accommodation the food is ok and the entertainment and decor is great.

I’ll be back to report how it’s gone! 
K x 

Pick ‘n’ Melt Christmas Gift Set

Today I was very excited to receive a parcel from Pick ‘n’ Melt to review.

As the title suggests I received the standard Christmas set which included – the wax warmer, tea light and 16 bags of melts in 8 different flavours  from their Christmas theme.  The gift set was packaged in a nice striped box and the melts were in a stripy paper bag.  Full instructions are included along with a menu showing a large selection of scents/flavours to choose from.

I have set my warmer up as I type with the ‘snow’ flavour melt in the top (I think this scent smells slightly like CK 1 😍).

The melts are in their own little package with the scent/flavour clearly labelled.  You simply need to empty your choice of melts in the top of the warmer and light the tea light to melt the wax.

My tea light has been burning for about 10 minutes and the scent is slowly starting make its way around the living room. I have been impatiently sniffing at the air to smell it!!

I love the whole Christmas set.  I would throughly recommend buying this as a gift for the people in your life that appreciate nice smells! I feel totally made up for receiving the set and really look forward to trying the different scents/flavours.  

You can buy the sets here for just £12, if you buy 4 sets it works out at £9 per set (buy 3 get 1 free). 

Now I have my pick ‘n’ mix warmer I can keep my house smelling pleasant with my various melts.

When I have run out of melts I may join their subscription service.  It is called the ‘Pick ‘n’ Melt Party’ once subscribed members receive 20 bags of scents a month of their choice plus 2 guest scents chosen by Pick ‘n’ Mix.  Members of the Pick ‘n’ Mix party benefit from exclusive offers and competitions. There is a vast selection of scents/flavours to choose from, check out their website here.
I personally would give this a gift rating if 5/5.

Day 1 -Collagen Beauty Milk

So today was Day 1 trying the Collagen Beauty milk.  It has a really lovely strawberry flavour.  I am really picky about shakes/milk drinks and I have got to say this was nice, albeit very sweet.  I am looking forward to my next bottle tomorrow.  The Collagen Beauty milk can be bought at The Protein Drinks Co website.