My name is Katie, I live in a pretty town on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  Hence the name ” Jurassic Kate”, I like to read blogs and have decided to write a blog which I would most probably class as a lifestyle blog if I had to give it a genre.

I am married and have three lovely sons, all quite unique.  I love animals and currently have five tortoises, 3 dogs, 1 pony, 1 chicken and 2 Marine aquariums.  So animals do play a lot in my life.  Another love in my life, family and pets aside is music, there is nothing better than losing yourself in music.  I imagine there will be a fair few posts about music that I enjoy, have just discovered and gigs I have been to.

My idea is to cover my views on some news, money saving, beauty, music, maybe fashion and family life, I don’t envisage world domination but would love to have a good few people following.  It would be really amazing to have followers that enjoy sitting down with a nice cuppa reading  my work.

My life is pretty busy and varied and I love it like that.


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