Dan TDM live in Poole

Well what a lovely day!
The boys didn’t have a clue what we had in store for them today.  I told them we were going to Poole park to have a look around as I used to go through it everyday to college.  I also said we could have a look at Poole Lighthouse theatre as one of my sons is performing there next week!


As we pulled in to the multi-storey (which has very tight parking spaces by the way!) I could see many kids wearing mine craft clothes and Dan TDM products.  Still, the boys didn’t catch on! We entered the venue  – The Lighthouse, which was bustling with families.  One of my sons saw a sign saying “Dan TDM on tour” and they both then cottoned on. 


We made our way to look at the merchandise, this included t-shirts, lanyards, pug soft toys, mugs and many more options that I feel allowed for a variety of budgets. We bought a program, two mugs, a lanyard and finally a cuddly toy.

The show

I really didn’t know what to expect from the show.  I’ve seen many of Dan’s youtube videos and having his voice continuously in the background feel as though he is part of our family.  

Now I’m not giving away any spoilers from the show, it is obvious how much work as gone in it. Let’s just say there is something for everyone, audience participation, humour and video games, what more could you ask for?!  My boys had a fantastic time and were hooked as soon as they started watching.  

Dan TDM is great from a parent’s point of view, child friendly and entertaining.

At the end of the show we were walking back to the car, where conveniently the backstage door is, the boys got to see Dan come out and say hi  to the gathering crowd briefly.  Both the boys were a little disappointed the lanyard had a space for an autograph but no they had no chance to get an autograph.

I have had big hugs and thanks from my boys thanking us for keeping it a surprise.  They are already planning on seeing Dan again as they want his autograph. It is such a shame there were greedy people buying and selling the VIP tickets for far too much money it would have made their world if they had got to meet their idol. 

 They have gone to bed with smiles on their faces.

I put together a quick video with the GoPro splice app, I hope you like it.


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