Surprise visit

This Sunday we are surprising our two youngest sons.  We managed to get tickets for one of their idol’s shows showing at The Lighthouse Theatre in Poole.  Their idol is Dan TDM a YouTuber who’s YouTube videos heavily feature the game Minecraft as well as other video games. I highly recommend having a look if you have children that like watching YouTube and you want videos that are child friendly.  Getting the tickets  for this tour was  like trying to get hold of rocking horse poo!   Tickets had sold out and the only available tickets where being sold by touts at heavily inflated prices.  I refuse to pay these prices as the act doesn’t benefit from the money.  Lucky for us after I had put our name down on a waiting list we had a call from the lighthouse to say some tickets were available YAY!! 

The boys have not got a clue at all, so on Sunday we will drive to the venue and catch their reaction on camera – watch this space! I cannot wait to see their happiness, Dan has inspired them to create their own YouTube channel.


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