Today I picked up a prize!

I had one of the little red cards the postie leaves when you are not in. Just. Went to collect it to find a yummy box of retro sweets 🙂



I won!

One of my hobbies is entering competitions. There is nothing quite like reading the the luring text about the possible prize you could possibly win, dreaming about that holiday you could win, or how you will spend the prize money.

I have been very lucky to have received some lovely prizes. Yesterday I received an email, one of the exciting ones where the subject line or the preview of the message reads “congratulations”. It was an email to tell me I had won a signed pair of David Haye boxing gloves. Such an interesting prize! Today I received another email to tell me I had won a silk blend kimono from Harlow and Fox RRP £500! I’ve had a look and it is very pretty.

So two wins within a couple of days, what a lucky girl I am. I am also patiently waiting for a couple of prizes to turn up, I won a trolly keyring and a “sweet treat” from another competition……I am imagining that will be something yummy, whether I will share or not who knows!

My biggest money win was a couple of years ago, I won £2200 from a Dickensons Real Deal competition. Back in December I won £500 along with a pretty snazzy smartphone.

Take one thing from this post, you have to be in it to win it!

I highly recommend this as a hobby, it can save you money on presents and you may gain new experiences.

Well I’m off to dream about winning a holiday somewhere warm…….

Katie x